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tis the season.

December 25, 2009

to be seriously jet-lagged and still awake while the family is fast asleep.  but thankfully i was sleepless and came across new adorable ways to say hello.  when i return to my other coast, i cannot wait to use these envelope stickers.  p.s. merry christmas.


all glitter and garland.

December 17, 2009

i wanted a christmas tree so bad this year, but kept holding back because i didn’t know how i wanted to decorate it yet. as a designer, i felt like i needed a plan. well look out christmas 2010.

vintage cool.

December 15, 2009

is what i purchased today.  they had been in my shopping cart long enough.  christmas shopping tally…3 me, 0 for anyone else on my list.  oops, need to refocus on the meaning of christmas.

+ IndividJuli on etsy


December 8, 2009

my friends are the best cooks ever, which i saw once again at thanksgiving.  maybe it was the wine, but i learned i wasn’t that terrible either.  might actually like it, okay, maybe love it.  so now i’m printing recipes and loving these pods.


December 4, 2009

about traveling across the globe today.  maybe it’s the cold weather and the fact that the my office cube now has a space heater.  or maybe even the exotic fruits friends have been giving me.  guavas just seem out of place in a work area.  either way, these jhill design prints have me wishing i was somewhere else.